Day 19: Patience is Key

This practice is a funny thing; some days you are on fire and feel like you are totally nailing every pose and other days you are just a lead blob moving through thick tar. Whatever day you are having in your practice, and I feel the same is true off the mat, you need to push through and have faith in the process.

Some days in life will be beautiful and you won’t have any complaints. Other days you will feel like all the cards are stacked against you. Just know that you cannot always be at your peak. But it is in those pits that you need to realize there is something waiting just past this setback. The arrow cannot be launched without first being pulled back. ¬†You go through those lows in order to truly appreciate the highs. Do you think the inheritance child appreciates his million as much as the self made orphan appreciates his? ¬†Probably not.

Don’t worry about always having those amazing days, because it just isn’t realistic. When you are having a less than perfect practice or day at the office just try to step back and realize there is a lesson to be learned in there. Maybe it is that you need to slow down and listen more or that you should take more time to invest in yourself. Whatever it is, trust the lessons along the way.


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