Kid Friendly Meal for the Family

After my son’s 9 month appointment I decided to try some different ‘grown up’ foods that the pediatrician recommended. Here’s one I came up with and he loved!

Healthy meatballs for the whole family:
What you need:

👉1.5 pounds lean ground beef

👉1 zucchini chopped into tiny pieces (could also use any bell pepper)

👉1 egg

👉favorite spices to taste but avoid salt if possible (I used garlic and basil since I’m slowly introducing my son to new foods and flavors)
What you do:

-preheat oven to 400 while you’re prepping

-combine all ingredients into a bowl and mix until well blended

-roll into 1″ balls and bake for 15-20 minutes
**freezer friendly! Easy for baby to eat (my guy is 9 months) healthy for the whole family!  
🍴I served this with whole grain pasta and puréed carrot to my little man instead of sauce and he gobbled it up!