The Shift

This picture was taken the day my shift occurred in my practice.
The day that I decided that I was going to put my ego aside and actually LISTEN for once.

My favorite instructor who welcomed me from my very first day with a huge smile was teaching and she said that yoga isn’t about how it looks, it’s about how it feels. She also mentioned that it’s important to just LET GO. And I did. Not in a huge and profound way where I forgave everyone of everything and life was rainbows and butterflies. But I let go of the fear and the “I can’t”. The perfectionist Aries embedded in me was always showing up- judging everything and everyone- wishing I could do what others could (head stands and crow and scissors).  Showing off when we finally got to a pose I could nail (savasana!)… My practice was waaaay too much about my ego and my comfort zone. It was not about going within and conquering that which was holding me back.

But that day, that day I did and I haven’t looked back since. Now I try something new everytime I’m there on my mat. I LISTEN for the message I am supposed to receive that day. I am nothing but grateful for this day, it’s lesson and the amazing instructor that has propelled me into my current state of exploration.

Exploring a local yoga event that I would’ve been too scared to try alone. From there I met others who urged me (kindly, sweetly and passionately) to sign up for yoga teacher training (YTT) and so I did. After being accepted i took part in the shop’s 21 day challenge and ended up winning a month of yoga—- yahoooooo!  😁😁👍👍🌟. So the obvious choice then was to do the 40 day challenge the shop frequently runs and I was always intrigued by. Starting Jan 1- 2016 I will begin my 40 day journey and I can’t wait to take you all along with me 🙂
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