So Many New Beginnings

Where to start? Well, here’s one- sorry I’ve been MIA for a while. So much has been happening!
Well- hubby came home, we spent time fixing up our house, sold it, bought another, are fixing it up as well (mostly outdoor maintenance that was neglected), I finished my yoga teacher training, started working in two studios, little man turned one(!!!!) and now we are finally starting to take the output level way down before making it up for the school year. 

So there it is in a nutshell- life took over for a bit but it now holds so much more potential. Room for our family to grow, space for memories to be made, certification to now help others along the same path I took on my yoga journey and the possibility that a curious toddler holds. So now that I’m back I plan to be more regular with my posts on fitness, yoga, recipes and so on. Please feel free to browse old posts for ideas and motivation or check out my Facebook page where I’m also sharing great tips!


Days 34 & 35: Yoga for All

Between yesterday’s studio practice and today’s at home practice with my husband I’ve come to realize that I really enjoy when both genders get in on the mix of this amazing workout. 

In the studio yesterday I really appreciated the bass of the Om at the beginning of class. I mean it had heart, soul, bass and everything powerful behind it. When you start off your practice with an inspirational sound like that you have no excuse not to soar through the workout. 

Then, while practicing at home tonight and helping show my husband some things to prep him for a studio practice, I was able to really appreciate the yin and yang of how men and women are built. While he sailed through the arm balances and strength poses he waned in the flexibility department and I just the opposite. It’s funny because not only are our physical sides yin and yang, but our emotional as well (but that’s another post for another time). I truly do love seeing the power coming to terms with flexibility. 

Over time I hope my husband will continue to practice since I have seen the amazing benefits, I want to share them with him. My advice if you’re trying to get your other half involved as well- start slow and show them things that cater to their own needs. My husband was having terrible neck and lat issues so I showed him ways to help with that and he felt more comfortable giving other things a try. 

Day 33: Finally Getting Out

Yoga at 6:00 on a Monday night. May sound underwhelming to all of you but it was almost exhulirating to me tonight. For 9.5 months since my son was born I have been practically chained to my house for sleep schedules and bedtime routines. With no other adult here due to my husband’s deployment I obviously couldn’t leave the house to go take a class or run to the store. However things have changed since hubby is back and I am now set free (or at least get to share) some of those time limits and obligations. 

Please don’t mistake this as bashing being a parent or being ungrateful to have a child because I certainly am NOT in that boat. I think it is more of a, ‘it’s not how I pictured it’ kind of thing. 

See, I’m a lucky woman to have found a man who not only wants to be incredibly involved as a father but also allow me to have time to myself when I need it. So having to tackle all the responsibilities alone was a bit daunting and led to very little time for myself to unwind. I am very thankful to have my mother in law who would take my son while I ran errands or took a class during the day but I never felt totally comfortable with it because of the guilt of leaving him with her. Not sure why I felt guilty, maybe because I just felt like I wasn’t fufilling my duties or I was being selfish. Either way, it is great to see my husband take his place he so desperately wanted to fill when he was away. Since his return, he has jumped right in to take over the dinner and bedtime routine so I can have this little time for myself. 

Not only is it great for the two of them to have time togetehr, but I know my son is comfortably in his own bed and environment and my husband can have some time in the house to readjust and get things back to normal for himself. And Monday night yoga once thought of as a luxury  and a dream I once longed for has come true!
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Day 32: Rinsing it all Away

Reflecting back to day 31 when I did not do any yoga or meditation I think I know the real Eason for my lack of motivation: mastitis. Fatigue, soreness, aches all over and lots of pain in the chest. While I did my best to have my son nurse frequently to help alleviate the symptoms naturally, he just was not focused enough to help in that regard. As a busy and curious 9 month old I totally understand it, but it still left me swollen, uncomfortable and sore. 

So yesterday I knew it just was not a good idea to push my already taxed body even further by practicing at the studio. I chose then to complete a meditation while in the bath. It was 20 minutes of relaxing and unwinding. I thought of nothing in park ukase but also tried to massage out the blocked duct. 

Through this process learning to listen to your body is a big part of it. Wether it’s during an intense power practice, slow meditative one or deciding to just skip the day because your body is in need of something else. Learn to slow down the hustle of life and tune in to the one thing you have co tell over- yourself!

Day 31: Total Bust

So I would like to say that I was able to get in some kind of yoga on the 31st day, but I just did not do it. In fact I did the exact opposite of taking care of myself. I decided to eat crappy food (pizza and cookies) and have a big old margarita. While it seemed like a good idea at the time I definitely am feeling it a day later. I’m disappointed that I didn’t at least meditate or do a few stretches and I feel sore all over. Must be dehydration. 

So today on day 32, I am vowing to do at least something on this day and more than anything HYDRATE!  I’m already 32 ounces in and counting. Sorry there is nothing profound in this post but I feel like it’s important to keep it real, acknowledge the shortfalls and move forward. That’s all we have anyways is the present moment to decide what action we will take. 

Cheers for now!

Days 29 & 30:

Just a quick check in:

-Feeling stronger

-Holding poses longer 

-Understanding my body’s needs more

-Opening up more physically and emotionally

-Trying more by pushing the edge

-Still determined to ‘get’ or hold poses that I once thought I would never be able to do (headstand, crow, scissors…)
Still enjoying the journey and looking forward to practicing tomorrow!

Day 28: Couples Yoga

With my husband returning from a 10 month deployment today was filled with TONS of excitement and I wondered if I would even make time to get my practice in. I resolved in my head that it would most likely be a meditate before bed kinda day and that was fine for me. I busied myself in the morning with all the normal mommy chores with an extra primping for the homecoming. Then it was off to a museum with a friend to kill some time so I didn’t go nuts at home. 

At the airport we waited patiently for about an hour and a half for daddy to greet us. And greet us he did. Bear hugs, kisses and tears were all in the mix and we just could not have been happier to finally be together. We settled into our home routine quickly because with a 9 month old, that’s what you do so schedules don’t get thrown off. My husband fed my son dinner and the smiles were beaming!  It was such a fun sight. Since he has Skype in for a lot of the bedtime stuff he was able to handle that like a pro too. 

After my son was quietly tucked away, my hubby and I had some alone time to catch up. He mentioned how sore he was after I asked why he was wincing when he moved certain ways. I knew about his neck pain as he had told me over the phone and so on, but this looked bad. Real bad. So I offered to massage a little bit and then told him I really thought yoga would help. He said he would give it a try. 

We just did child’s pose and table/shoulder stand. He loved it!  He told me he thinks he needs to do it more often!  It made my day even better!  Now we could connect with something I had fallen more deeply in love with with the one I love most (aside from my son of course!).