So Many New Beginnings

Where to start? Well, here’s one- sorry I’ve been MIA for a while. So much has been happening!
Well- hubby came home, we spent time fixing up our house, sold it, bought another, are fixing it up as well (mostly outdoor maintenance that was neglected), I finished my yoga teacher training, started working in two studios, little man turned one(!!!!) and now we are finally starting to take the output level way down before making it up for the school year. 

So there it is in a nutshell- life took over for a bit but it now holds so much more potential. Room for our family to grow, space for memories to be made, certification to now help others along the same path I took on my yoga journey and the possibility that a curious toddler holds. So now that I’m back I plan to be more regular with my posts on fitness, yoga, recipes and so on. Please feel free to browse old posts for ideas and motivation or check out my Facebook page where I’m also sharing great tips!


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Just trying to search out my niche in life and live to its fullest potential. These words are what come to mind when I think of my life in a nutshell: Mom, military wife, friend, French teacher, coach, yoga, working out, eating right, cooking, infertility survivor, travel and wanderlust. (Nothing is in any particular order other than Mom and wife as my family means everything to me!)

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