Days 34 & 35: Yoga for All

Between yesterday’s studio practice and today’s at home practice with my husband I’ve come to realize that I really enjoy when both genders get in on the mix of this amazing workout. 

In the studio yesterday I really appreciated the bass of the Om at the beginning of class. I mean it had heart, soul, bass and everything powerful behind it. When you start off your practice with an inspirational sound like that you have no excuse not to soar through the workout. 

Then, while practicing at home tonight and helping show my husband some things to prep him for a studio practice, I was able to really appreciate the yin and yang of how men and women are built. While he sailed through the arm balances and strength poses he waned in the flexibility department and I just the opposite. It’s funny because not only are our physical sides yin and yang, but our emotional as well (but that’s another post for another time). I truly do love seeing the power coming to terms with flexibility. 

Over time I hope my husband will continue to practice since I have seen the amazing benefits, I want to share them with him. My advice if you’re trying to get your other half involved as well- start slow and show them things that cater to their own needs. My husband was having terrible neck and lat issues so I showed him ways to help with that and he felt more comfortable giving other things a try. 


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Just trying to search out my niche in life and live to its fullest potential. These words are what come to mind when I think of my life in a nutshell: Mom, military wife, friend, French teacher, coach, yoga, working out, eating right, cooking, infertility survivor, travel and wanderlust. (Nothing is in any particular order other than Mom and wife as my family means everything to me!)

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