Day 33: Finally Getting Out

Yoga at 6:00 on a Monday night. May sound underwhelming to all of you but it was almost exhulirating to me tonight. For 9.5 months since my son was born I have been practically chained to my house for sleep schedules and bedtime routines. With no other adult here due to my husband’s deployment I obviously couldn’t leave the house to go take a class or run to the store. However things have changed since hubby is back and I am now set free (or at least get to share) some of those time limits and obligations. 

Please don’t mistake this as bashing being a parent or being ungrateful to have a child because I certainly am NOT in that boat. I think it is more of a, ‘it’s not how I pictured it’ kind of thing. 

See, I’m a lucky woman to have found a man who not only wants to be incredibly involved as a father but also allow me to have time to myself when I need it. So having to tackle all the responsibilities alone was a bit daunting and led to very little time for myself to unwind. I am very thankful to have my mother in law who would take my son while I ran errands or took a class during the day but I never felt totally comfortable with it because of the guilt of leaving him with her. Not sure why I felt guilty, maybe because I just felt like I wasn’t fufilling my duties or I was being selfish. Either way, it is great to see my husband take his place he so desperately wanted to fill when he was away. Since his return, he has jumped right in to take over the dinner and bedtime routine so I can have this little time for myself. 

Not only is it great for the two of them to have time togetehr, but I know my son is comfortably in his own bed and environment and my husband can have some time in the house to readjust and get things back to normal for himself. And Monday night yoga once thought of as a luxury  and a dream I once longed for has come true!
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Just trying to search out my niche in life and live to its fullest potential. These words are what come to mind when I think of my life in a nutshell: Mom, military wife, friend, French teacher, coach, yoga, working out, eating right, cooking, infertility survivor, travel and wanderlust. (Nothing is in any particular order other than Mom and wife as my family means everything to me!)

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