Days 23 & 24: Feeding the Ego

Yesterday’s practice was filled with lots of wonderful energy and light hear redness from beginning to end as a couple dozen yogis joined together in friendly practice. But, as you may have experienced sometimes your practice can be thrown off by just one person, who could even be yourself because they’re throwing themselves around, taking everything to an extreme as their face wrenches in pain. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with taking your practice to a new level or feeling your way into a new or different pose when others may be doing the basic level of it, but let’s be honest, we’ve all experienced that person you KNOW is just trying to show off. 

While practicing today in an alignment workshop at a cool new studio for me, the instructor mentioned getting the ego out of the way in your practice and actually listening to your body to do the pose correctly. She demonstrated triangle and said the ego wants to put the hand on the ground to ‘show off’ but in reality her alignment was thrown off by forcing the pose. Her hips were thrown off and her shoulders were slumping. When she adjusted to the correct pose and alignment it looked 10 times more beautiful simply because she was in it and shining bright.

Throughout the workshop I could see so much of my own ego getting in the way of my practice as well. Since it was a small setting we got lots of attention and boy did I get tons of corrections!  It was great though, and nice to know how to feel into a pose better and understand more of what I should be doing and how to think about alignment as I flowed. I think for me it was and is just so easy to get caught up in the ‘power’ aspect of the usual classes I take that you feel inferior if you don’t reach a certain level of a pose.  In reality nobody is really watching what you’re doing and probably are pushing themselves just as hard, letting their body come out of alignment to try and reach new heights (literally) with their body. 
This was a great eye opener for me that I intend to take with me as the last two or so weeks of this challenge come to pass. 
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