Days 17 & 18: Two Mats are Better Than One

“It sounds like a school cafeteria in here.” our instructor smiled as he walked into the packed and noisy room. Everyone was saying hello, talking about upcoming plans, how their challenges alerts going and anything else that friends would chat about. Parts of the practice a group of women could be heard giggling through poses and it made all of us laugh along with them. The practice was amazing in and of itself but was heightened by the sense of community in the room. Love and acceptance were abundantly clear throughout this practice.

One major factor that keeps me involved and going back day after to day for more physical activity is the friendly faces I will meet along the way. Whether it be a teacher, fellow yogi who’s been going there for years or a newbie hesitantly smiling as you walk in the room. The walls of the studio are like outstretched arms welcoming experienced and novice yogis of literally all ages. The youngest I’ve seen is probably twelve years old and the oldest, well I don’t want to discuss numbers, but I would venture to say could  very well be grandparents.

At this studio I have met fellow mommies in mommy and me class, my new babysitter, wonderful folks who have incredible talents on and off the mat and just felt a sense of belonging to something great. Wherever this studio travels it leaves it’s mark and leaves people talking. In fact I even practiced at home over the weekend with someone I met from class.

While yoga can and is sometimes practiced alone I find my sweetest groove is surrounded by the love and support of fellow yogis. I am inspired and supported by those around me.  If you are considering joining a local studio I say, go for it, and if you don’t like it, don’t stop there. It’s like finding the right car- you have to shop around and go for a few test drives. Enjoy the process and just know that every master started as a novice.

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Just trying to search out my niche in life and live to its fullest potential. These words are what come to mind when I think of my life in a nutshell: Mom, military wife, friend, French teacher, coach, yoga, working out, eating right, cooking, infertility survivor, travel and wanderlust. (Nothing is in any particular order other than Mom and wife as my family means everything to me!)

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