Day 11: Heat Helps Heal

Last time I was in the studio a fellow yogi and I were discussing how sore we were (as you may have already read in my last post) and how we weren’t even sure we would make it through the hour and fifteen minute practice.  We joked about how we would probably be taking a lot of rest/child’s poses or perhaps falling out of some poses.  We both thought we would have a ‘just get through it’ kind of day.

The intention was set at the beginning of the practice to just really listen to my body and stop if I had to stop.  As one pose flowed into the other I was able to keep up and modified what I had to in order to feel the pose a little differently and be kind to my body.  I didn’t sweat buckets like I normally do in the 80 degree room, but I felt like I had gotten a good workout in by lengthening my muscles through my practice.

At the end of the class, the fellow yogi and I chatted about how surprised we were that we made it through and agreed that it was the heat that helped us feel a little less sore.  With that confirmation from someone else (as well as hearing it from other teachers and reading it in Baron Baptiste’s book) I had finally realized why its important to practice in a warmer climate/condition when and if possible.  Isn’t it funny how all the experts in the world can tell you something over and over again it isn’t until you either experience it yourself or have the ‘social confirmation’ that you truly take the wisdom in and embrace it?!

Since I had to practice at home today again I decided to turn my pellet stove on in the basement (even though it was around 50 degrees outside) and get my flow going near the heat.  It felt good and was also something pretty to look at too 🙂  So when or if you do have the chance to bump up your heat or throw on a fire in the fireplace, I highly recommend it.  If nothing else, enjoy the fire and a nice glass of wine!

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