Day 2: The Course Will Not Always be Smooth

With my husband away for work right now the home duties have been almost solely on my shoulders for the past 8 months and counting… Including an ordeal a few months back dealing with the aftermath of a flooded basement from a sink left running for hours on end (way longer story…).  Did I mention that our living room, play area and office are all in this basement since we live in a small ranch with very limited first floor space?
Needless to say that going without that room with an infant was really tricky for a while but when everything was back together I was happy and relieved. Until this morning. My son decided to play with the doors separating his play area and the furnace area. I caught a glimpse through the doors and noticed the floor was a bit darker. When I opened them I stumbled upon the above picture- water all over! I was not a happy camper. As thoughts of all the worst things flooded my head, “We need to replace the furnace, our water tank busted, there’s a burst pipe…” I literally had to choke back my tears of frustration and catch my thoughts from spinning out of control. When I did I thought to myself, “And to top it all off I’m going to have to miss yoga to wait for are repair guy.” 
With the holiday (New Year’s Day) there was only one yoga class scheduled and I wanted to show up and show how dedicated I was to this entire month and my personal challenge. Doing an at home workout just wasn’t in my thoughts for today. But I talked myself down yet again and realized that the options were plentiful and I just needed to get out of my own way and diagnose the problem. 

Three phone calls: my neighbor, my father in law and my husband. Within 10 minutes from my almost melt down two out of the three were here to help and get things fixed. Within an hour almost all of the water was cleaned up. And as I sit here tonight finally posting the mess is almost all gone. 

Point being, life is going to throw you curveballs and the expectations you have might not always come to fruition but it’s how you deal with it that will define you and show your true character. I know in the past I would’ve sulked, stamped around and been pissed at the world. For a moment I thought that’s where I was headed but all this yoga practice and gaining patience with myself allowed me to handle the situation with a bit more grace, poise and level headedness than ever before. Don’t get me wrong I still have a ways to go and this was surely just a small test along the way but I do feel proud to have gotten over this small hurdle today. 

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Just trying to search out my niche in life and live to its fullest potential. These words are what come to mind when I think of my life in a nutshell: Mom, military wife, friend, French teacher, coach, yoga, working out, eating right, cooking, infertility survivor, travel and wanderlust. (Nothing is in any particular order other than Mom and wife as my family means everything to me!)

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